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Rebuilt Injector Pump for 1979-1985 Diesel VW. All the seals on the pump have been replaced and the pump is thoroughly tested. Anything has gone bad is replaced. The feed pump is tested and the output pressure of the rotor is tested.

The pumps are then tested and the idle is calibrated.

When you send me your old pump back, I will refund $150.

In March 2009 I set up a VW 1.6 diesel engine in my shop to further test (after the calibration) all outgoing injector pumps. So this pump has been tested on a running engine to ensure 100% quality.

This pump has already been installed and run on a real VW 1.6 diesel engine, so you can be 100% sure that the pump will work 100% right out of the box.

Part Number(s): 79-85IPUMP

Price: $390

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